Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yep, me again

The past few weeks have been so busy that I haven't had the energy to type, but at least I've got my own office now. Kevin was even kind enough to leave one of those Gaiam ball rolling chairs for me. Apparently I'm the only person willing to use it. Anyway, I'm enjoying the Production Manager position even if it means long hours for another few weeks. 10 hour shift s builds character right? I's only been about three weeks of that, but I do get to promote someone to take some of the workload of my hands so that I can concentrate on roasting some of the new coffees coming through. Looks like this is going to being an exciting year for coffee for us!
Spring finally started to poke through, even for only a few days. WE had some flurries the other day, but I'm pretty sure that's all behind us now. Dawn and I started tomatoes, peppers(hot and sweet), eggplant , tomatillos and some herbs the other day. Maybe a little late, but we'll see. The garden has been tilled once. Now we are going to put some organic fertilizer in and till it again. Hopefully we'll have better luck this year and actually put all that canning gear to work! Plus a new local vegan restaurant, GEKA'S, said they'd be willing to buy or trade veggies if we were into the idea. Sounds good, but who knows if things will go right? Last year we mostly got potatoes, long purple beans, onions, and garlic. That's fine and all, but we planted SO much more.
It also looks like things are looking up for Dan and the crew over at
The magazine may go back into print, new shirts are in the works and other projects are under way. Loose ends and dead weight are being cut in order to streamline the whole project. It'll be nice to have a physical copy again, even thought I realize that an eZine is the better approach environmentally. Although, it's easier to take a magazine in the bathroom...I mean, on the bus.