Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Charred beets

Yep, tried to grill some beets over a large wood fire and burned them. Whatever. Dawn sliced up and breaded some fresh jalapenos to deep fry on the grill that were then followed by fried yellow squash. Fat fest was then rounded out by a tofu/eggplant coconut stew. For some reason cooking this over fire makes it so much better. Maybe all the smoke? Maybe. The new Profane Existence is back in print and should be in my filthy hands any day now. I think it's been almost two years! Pretty soon there's going to be plenty of time to read now that the weather is cooling down and the days are getting shorter. Unfortunately work has gotten in the way of a lot of out door time, but at least I got that 100 mile ride in. I feel better afterward this year than the past two years for some reason. Now, I just have to stay in shape over the Winter. Ah, Winter. We thought we'd have the other house close to being built by now, but it's being put off for a few years. There's a possibility that we may end up owning this one. Either way, we'll own a house....hopefully. Then, a wood stove.

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